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importing site so new server

Hi Guys,

I am importing my existing site to new server, its a combination of a custom cms and wordpress. its here at

So far i have created an account on new server uploaded the files there i think the next step is to create two databases and import the data in would that be correct according to this settings.php ?

if ( !defined('BASEURL') ) define("BASEURL", "");
if ( !defined('MYSQLSERVER') ) define("MYSQLSERVER", "localhost");
if ( !defined('MYSQLUSER') ) define("MYSQLUSER", "iradio_iradio");
if ( !defined('MYSQLPW') ) define("MYSQLPW", "sqlpasswordnotreal");
if ( !defined('MYSQLDB') ) define("MYSQLDB", "iradio_iradio");
if ( !defined('SERVERROUTE') ) define("SERVERROUTE", "/var/www/public_html/sites/site/");
if ( !defined('TESTINGSITE') ) define("TESTINGSITE", false);
$ip_address = 123;
if (isset($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"])) $ip_address = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];

$devIPS = array( '', '', '', '', '', '', '' );

if ( in_array( $ip_address, $devIPS ) ) {
	if ( !defined('CACHEIT') ) define("CACHEIT", false);
	if ( !defined('SITETITLE') ) define("SITETITLE", 'iRadio');
if ( !defined('CACHEIT') ) define("CACHEIT", false);

if ( !defined('SITETITLE') ) define("SITETITLE", 'iRadio');

if ( !defined( "CLOUDFLARE" ) )	define( "CLOUDFLARE", "/" );
if ( !defined( "CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL" ) ) define( "CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL", "" );


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I have changed password here, basically i am wondering what my next step is? i am uploading it here
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This is the answer for the Wordpress part (as I don't know which custom CMS you're using). For the most part, you are correct to restore the databases in the new location.

If the URL has changed for the Wordpress portion, you need to adjust it also in the database:
You have to get access to the database (phpmyadmin or similar).
Or edit the downloaded database before uploading it.
In the Wordpress database Options, edit the siteurl entry to reflect the new location.
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