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hi, i have an app that i wrote on a Mac OS, but i want to host it as a website.  since most hosting companies don't offer VMs for OSX, i am willing to settle on Linux or Ubuntu.  that being said, i tried aws and found it not very intuitive to use.  i also tried digitalocean and found their security to be lax.  can someone recommend a good hosting company?  preferrably i want to have stack preinstalled as well as tomcat. thanks.
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Julian ParkerSenior Systems Administrator

Couple of questions:

In what way was Digital Ocean lax?
What are your security requirements?
What are your hosting requirements?
Do you need something hosted in a specific location?

There are thousands of hosting providers out there!


i signed up to digital ocean last week, and even before i got everything installed, they disconnected my droplet (VM) because it was already hacked into by intruders.  the official explanation is that my password was too easy to figure out, but i think the hosting company should share some of the blame since no one ever told me that my password is not secure enough, also shouldn't there be more security mechanism on the part of the hosting company, e.g. firewall, antivirus that will deter this type of hacking?  i need a Ubuntu system that is compatible with stack and tomcat.  i have no preference as far as location, maybe west coast US?  thanks.
Senior Systems Administrator
Ok, so really when you say lax security you just mean password length/complexity checking rather than excryption or some Govt. standard. BTW, firewall/AV cannot prevent poor passwords and if you have a server accessable from the internet then you need to be using something in the region of 22+ chars. Pass phrases are a good idea.

Its a shame, I've heard good things about Digital Ocean, especially the support and cost/month.

amazon isnt bad, they do have video tutorials for their stuff but if that really isnt what you want then try the offerings from rackspace and perhaps 1&1, you could see if godaddy can provide a linux server too.

I have had a friend use linode before, He kinda raved about them at the time (this was a while ago) but really, if youre not sure how its going to go try and find the cheapest you can, check out their policies for cancelling/moving (not all like you to move and can make it difficult).

If youre running a linux server on the internet you must lock it down and keep it up to date, use long passwords/pass phrases and only run the services you really need.


i guess that's why aws ec2 uses key pairs as opposed to password, harder to use (especially if you lose your key pair) but also harder to hack into.  the one thing i noticed about ec2 and digital ocean is this, i have created a virtual server running ubuntu 14.04 on both hosting services, my app runs first time after i installed on ec2 but i have not been able to get it to run on digital ocean.  i am not sure if it's the way they set up their VM or the memory allocated for digital ocean is insufficient, leading to strange error messages, etc.  anyway, i think i will go with aws ec2 for now simply because it works for me.  thanks.
You need to more specific on your request. What technology are you looking for? What is your monthly budget? What is your requirement such as disk space and bandwith? Shared hosting or VPS?

I believe that DigitalOcean provide very cheap cloud server solution. What do you mean their security lax?

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