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specflow while debugging can not go to the step files


I have an integration test project that hosts many feature files and tests inside, but unfortunately i can not step to the Steps.cs file where all the steps listed somehow, could you advise me why would that happen pls?
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Mlanda T
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Try clearing the specflow cache. Close all Visual Studios. And to to the system temp folder (%TEMP%) and delete all folders whose names start with specflow
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I have just done what you suggested,closed VS, cleared the specflow cache(removed the files in %temp% that starts with spec ) and then created a new project even just to add simply 2 numbers to each other but althuogh there are debug points in the step file ,

it hits the debug point inside GIVEN
it never hits the debug point inside WHEN or THEN

i am debugging from the feature file and expect it to get to the when and then to see what is happening but nope i can not achieve this thing
By default, you cannot debug inside of the generated .feature.cs files. You can enable debugging of those files by setting <generator allowDebugGeneratedFiles="true"> setting.
but it is not the inside the feauture file, i am trying to go from gherkin to step file, so debugger is not going inside the step file.
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only i was able to provide the answer to the question i asked, i resolved it.