Format today's date in YYYYMMDD format

I am trying to format today's date to YYYYMMDD format by:
String today = new SimpleDateFormat("YYYYMMDD").parse(DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.MEDIUM).format(Calendar.getInstance().getTime())).toString();

However, what I am getting is the following error:
java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "Sep 28, 2015"

I am needing 20150928. Anyone know how to accomplish this?

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CPColinSenior Java ArchitectCommented:
Your format string is a little off. Check the Javadocs and try again. Your exception is happening because you're calling the parse() method. You don't need that, since you're formatting the date, not parsing it. Take it out and fix the format string and things should work better.
Jim CakalicSenior Developer/ArchitectCommented:
If you breakdown the code, what you are asking is to get the current time
format it to a String using the MEDIUM  (Mon DD, YYYY) date format
parse that to a Date instance using your target format (YYYYMMDD) <-- where the ParseException happens because the String from the previous step doesn't match your target format
new SimpleDateFormat("YYYYMMDD").parse
and then get the toString of that Date instance

Assuming this starts out with a Date object (Calendar.getInstance().getTime()) all that you really need is to format it:
Date now = Calendar.getInstance().getTime();
SimpleDateFormat target = new SimpleDateFormat("YYYYMMDD");
String today = target.format(now);
What I think you really want for format is YYYYMMdd. The DD format will give you the day number of the year. Today (10/6/2015) for example is day number 279 so you'll get 201510279 when I think you're probably expecting 20151006?


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atxmanAuthor Commented:
thanks for the insight. very helpful
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