windows small business server 2011 slow profile loading times

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SBS 2011 server takes about 5 minutes for one particular user to load after credentials are entered.

I inherited the server setup so I am still learning how it is configured.

I am familiar with hive profile cleanup as a start for previous windows server but I do not see it supported by sbs 2011.

I have looked into event viewer but I didnt find any helpful logs.

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Cris HannaSr IT Support Engineer

Are documents being redirected to the server
Roaming profiles?
On-Site IT Technician
I would look at the profile size? if roaming profiles are in use, I would pay particular attention to the cookies folder.  In roaming profiles, I believe the default location for cookies is:

In a past job, we used a custom ADM template in our GPOs to re-direct Cookies to the user's H: drive (network home folder), or H:\Cookies. So, having 20,000 cookies in there didn't slow things down during log on.

But, if the user has a ton of cookies, logon will be delayed significantly (especially if they have 10,000 or 20,000 and I have seen that many).  Even though each cookie file is tiny, it takes the server a lot of time to compare thousands of files.

So, if you do have roaming profiles in use, check out the cookies folder. If there are a huge number of them: have the user clear out cookies (Internet Properties > General tab > Delete...). Then, have them log off: which should also delete those same files from the server copy of their roaming profile.  Or could delete them manually or using a script.
David AtkinTechnical Director
Top Expert 2015

Any group policy errors in the event logs on the server or client?

Gigabit network?

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