How do I do this procedure using PDO?

Here's what I have currently:

$michelle="SELECT * FROM `gant` WHERE submitted_date<'$week_one_code' and target_UAT_date>'$week_one_code'";
		$michelle_query=mysqli_query($mysqli, $michelle);
		$donald="delete from gant_rows";
		$donald_query=mysqli_query($mysqli, $donald);
		//we don't need to display when the project was initally assigned, but we do need to know how many days it extends into the displayed 12 week timeframe
			$UAT_date_initial_obj = strtotime($michelle_row['target_UAT_date']);
			$UAT_initial_secs=$UAT_date_initial_obj - $week_one;
			$the_number_of_initial_cells = number_format(($UAT_initial_secs / 86400), 0);

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I want to accomplish the same thing using PDO. Thus far I've got:

$sql_23="select * from net_BudgetTools..tbl_DEVELOPERS_Projects where dte_DateStarted <'2015-08-16' and dte_RequestorDueDate> '2015-08-16'";

	//right here, I want to be able to pull data out using the PDO equivalent to extract($michelle_row) and then be able to reference specific data like before as far as $michelle_row['dte_DateStarted'] etc. How?

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Bottom line: Right after "while($row_23=$mssql_stmt_23->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC))" I'm clueless. I've done the "foreach" thing previously, but I want to go with the "while" loop and then be able to extract things from there.

Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAsked:
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Julian HansenCommented:
I am confused about a few things when you say you want to use the "equivalent" of extract.

Firstly, there is none - extract exists outside of mysqli / PDO - it is a PHP function for pulling values from an array into the current scope (

In your mysqli implementation your line

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is wasted because you never use the result of the extract.
Look at the code extract
  // THE $michelle_row
  $UAT_date_initial_obj = strtotime($michelle_row['target_UAT_date']);
  $UAT_initial_secs=$UAT_date_initial_obj - $week_one;
  $the_number_of_initial_cells = number_format(($UAT_initial_secs / 86400), 0);

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Instead of
  $UAT_date_initial_obj = strtotime($target_UAT_date);
  $UAT_initial_secs=$UAT_date_initial_obj - $week_one;
  $the_number_of_initial_cells = number_format(($UAT_initial_secs / 86400), 0);

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There is no reason why you cannot use extract() within the while loop for your PDO statement.

I am not sure if I have understood the requirement?

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Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAuthor Commented:

As always, thanks for taking the time to weigh in.

Using your input, I was able to go in and make some changes and I'm good to go now.

Julian HansenCommented:
You are most welcome Bruce,
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