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Logo design

Need a trusted company for brand name and logo design
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What sort of budget do you have? That determines the quality of the product.
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What are the ranges here?
I should have said, "do you have a budget in mind?" rather than ask what that budget was.

Well, as you might expect, there are websites that will sell you a logo for $5.00 and there are corporations that have spent $40,000 or more on a logo.

However that doesn't tell you very much. The difference in a cheap logo and an expensive one is the purpose and the work involved.

The basic process of designing a logo is finding out about you and the product (an entire company can be thought of as a product). The designer needs to find out the purpose, goals, and personality of the company and know who the audience is for the logo and what market or markets it will be used in.

The designer then needs to create a way that conveys these concepts, what me might call the soul or the spirit of the company, to the desired market.

A good designer will not only have knowledge of shape and form, but texture and color. A good designer will bring this knowledge to bear, not to create a design that looks pretty, or exciting, or original, but to communicate the company to the audience.

The designer will come up with a number of ideas, often spending hours developing each one to see which ones have merit. They will also do research to make sure that this design is not to similar to other designs, especially designs aimed for the same market.

These designs will then be tested to see if what the artist thinks communicates well will actually in fact work that way with a real audience.

This usually means modifying and redesigning.

There are some resources that say that they can do this in a few hours time, and there are others that will spend weeks on the project.

Here is an article that does a better job than I do in explaining the difference.

Please don't get me wrong and think I am saying that you have to spend thousands of dollars on a logo. Sometimes budgets just don't allow that. I just want you to have a full appreciation of what you are buying and what you are giving up.

So a custom design will cost you at least several thousand dollars and a whole lot more depending on the complexity.

A "quicky" design, that is to say one with less research and development, and from from an artist of reasonable skill should run you from $300 to $1200 I should think. Anything less than that, like the article says, run away from.
Hi it-,

I see that no one has come forward to provide any resources. I'm afraid that I don't have the name of anyone reliable (and moderately priced) either.

I suggest that you select your own comment as the solution.

This will start a process to automatically refund your points.

Hope we can serve you better with your next question.
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Ali Eslamifar
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