How to display Navigation buttons in Coldfusion

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 I have items in the table and am displaying 4 items per row. But it displays all items (or records) from the items table.
 How can I add [First][Prev] ....  [Next] [Last] buttons so that each page only displays three rows of items?
 I have also seen [1][2][3] ...[Last] also.
 Both methods will work whichever is simpler.


 Here is the current code:

      <cfoutput query="GetFeaturedItems">
      <td align="center" >
               <TD align="center" bgcolor="white">
                   <tr><td>Title: #Title#</td></tr>
                  <tr><td>Item No:#ItemNo#</td></tr>
        <cfif GetFeaturedItems.currentRow mod 4 eq 0>
            <cfif GetFeaturedItems.currentRow gt 1>
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so the trick could be to get the "previous record Unique ID" and the "Next record Unique ID" in your SQL statement. so that when you populate the data into HTML, we can where we are navigate to...

for example. you can read this article:

ColdFusion and Pagination

ColdFusion and Pagination – Six Years Later
create a custom tag like this:


<CFPARAM Name="CurrentPage" Default="1">	<!---	Default the page listing to 1	--->

<!---	Get all products for product listing	--->
	SELECT * FROM Products

<!---	CF_PageThru will help us break up the product listing into pages.
	The ADDEDPATH parameter is used to pass the search parameter CLASS
	through the links of the generated page-through navigation.
<CF_PAGETHRU TOTALRECORDS="#GetItems.RecordCount#" CURRENTPAGE="#CurrentPage#"

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attached files for pagination, just remove the .txt extension from the end of the cfm file.


That worked fine. Thank you.

I downloaded and renamed pagethru.txt to pagethru.cfm.
Then I placed pagethru.cfm in the same folder where I have pagination.cfm that has the code in ID: 41019483.
When I run pagination.cfm, I get an error: "Variable CLASS is undefined."
Obviously I did not handle pagethru.cfm correctly.
yes, class is not a mandatory field, you can remove it

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