Juniper MX80 Routing Engine Issues

Greetings everyone,

I currently trying to get a Juniper MX80 Routing Engine up and running. But the previous tech did not leave any info about its password and recovery methods. Following Juniper's factory process of recovering the password resulted the router to panic and crash.

root# commit
error: could not open database: /var/run/db/ No such file or directory
clicli Database open failed for file '/var/run/db/': No such file or directory
root@% cli24:59 init: watchdog (PID 219) started
root> request system zeerror: foreign reconfiguration failed
Sep 28 21:24:59 init: tnp-process (PID 221) started
r[edit]21:24:59 init: interface-control (PID 222) started
root# oize24:59 init: chassis-control (PID 223) started
      ^21:24:59 init: alarm-control (PID 224) started
unknown command.init: craft-control (PID 225) started
Sep 28 21:24:59 init: management (PID 226) started
[edit] 21:24:59 init: snmp (PID 227) started
root# reboot 59 init: mib-process (PID 228) started
                     ^inet-process (PID 229) started
syntax error, expecting <command>.0) started
Sep 28 21:24:59 init: sntpsync (PID 231) started
root> reboot:00 init: pfe (PID 232) started
      ^21:25:00 init: periodic-packet-services (PID 233) started
unknown command.init: disk-monitoring (PID 234) started
Sep 28 21:25:00 init: firewall (PID 235) started
root> exit25:00 init: internal-routing-service (PID 236) started
      ^21:25:00 init: neighbor-liveness (PID 237) started
unknown command.init: error in reading pidfile /var/run/
Sep 28 21:25:01 init: clksyncd-service (PID 238) started
[edit] 21:25:01 init: lacp (PID 239) started
root# reboot:01 init: subscriber-management (PID 240) started
      ^21:25:02 init: can not access /usr/sbin/relayd: No such file or directory
unknown command.init: relay-process (PID 0) started
Sep 28 21:25:02 init: stats-agent (PID 242) started
[edit] 21:25:03 init: license-service (PID 243) started
root# reloadoad init: fatal signal: Segmentation fault : srr0/pc = 0

As soon as I tell it to commit the changes it immediately does this panic mode and crashes the unit.

root# init died (signal 0, exit 11)
panic: Going nowhere without my init!
###Entering boot mastership relinquish phase
KDB: enter: panic
[thread pid 1 tid 100006 ]
Stopped at      kdb_enter+0x1a4:        addis   r3, r0, -0x5f83
db> reboot

I have also tried using the TFTP method to reinstall the JunOS.  Instead I end up with this=

loader> set ipaddr=
loader> set netmask=
loader> set serverip=
loader> install --format tftp://
Speed: 1000, full duplex
cannot open package (error 2)

I curious if I am overlooking anything else; and yes I tried running fsck on all the slices of the mounted and unmounted drives.
Its currently installed with 11.1 version Juniper OS

All help is appreciated
Thanks in Advance,
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Not sure if this is what you have tried below [needs login]:

Please have a look and advice.

Thank you!
Another link with same info as above KB article:

Thank you.

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