Can't retrieve Email from Compuserve pop mail account

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I'm a CompuServe Classic member, with an Email address ending in    For the past two days, my Windows-based Email client can't connect to the CompuServe pop mail server, nor can I ping    This issue coincided with my failed attempt to reactivate an old aol account, but I think that was a coincidence.  If an Expert could assist by trying to ping  I'd like to know what happends.
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'' is not responding to ping at this time.  When I click on Webmail for Compuserve... I get redirected to AOL.  I think you need to call or contact AOL about your account.


Thank you Dave.  I have reached out to AOL support, but they responded with a link to irrelevant trouble shooting steps for pop mail.  I had asked them if there was an issue with their pop mail server, and they didn't address that.  I'll try asking again.  I can still retrieve my CompuServe Email through their webmail interface, but I prefer to use my Email client.

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