Make 7zip / winzip continue running even after Rdp session closes

Sometimes I need to zip up files (usually using 7zip) that are several GB in servers that I Rdp to & it could
take a couple of hours.   However, due to Windows hardening, the Rdp session will time out & the zipping
would stop

How can we do the zipping even without an Rdp session on?  Clicking the "Background" option does not
help as it will still end the zipping when Rdp closes.

Do provide exact command syntax where needed & ideally I can specify how many cores of CPU to use
(so as not to hog the CPU) as what I would usually do in 7zip's FM (File Manager menu)
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David SankovskySenior SysAdminCommented:
when you simply disconnect from an RDP session, your applications continue to run, if you logout however, they do not.

If you have an auto logoff policy, you'll need to contact the sysadmin so he can change the policy to exclude you.
I would try the scheduled tasks way. Select Run Task now, and then log off. The task should be able to finish now.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
> scheduled tasks way. Select Run Task now,
Care to elaborate what do I need to click to get to "select run Task now" ?

& what would be the exact 7zip's command to paste into "Select Run Task Now"?

For our disconnected Rdp, when I relogin say 30 mins later, the job ceased to run.
I heard our Win2008 R2 is hardened via GPO policy which which I'm not at liberty
to get the sysadmins to unharden
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To run, have it set up in the Scheduled Tasks. In the Task Scheduler Library, find your job, right mouse click on it, Run.

The exact command you can lookup yourself. Find the 7z.exe file in Program Files (or (x86) if 32 bits install on 64bits Windows) in the command box. When typing in 7z (enter) you will get a list of command options/switches.

examples, add files to specific archive
full path\7z.exe a c:\temp1\archive.7z c:\temp2\*.jpg

to extract:
full path\7z.exe x c:\temp1\archive.7z -oc:\temp2\
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the 7zip sample commands.

Can I request for examples for the options for splitting into 10MB volumes of the
zip & the compression level (Ultra, high, etc) ?
C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe a c:\temp1\archive.7z c:\temp2\*.jpg  -v100m -mx9
For 100MB blocks in ultra compression.

Switch -mx0: Don't compress at all.
           This is called "copy mode."

Switch -mx1: Low compression.
           This is called "fastest" mode.

Switch -mx3: Fast compression mode.
           Will automatically set various parameters.

Switch -mx5: Same as above, but "normal."

Switch -mx7: This means "maximum" compression.

Switch -mx9: This means "ultra" compression.
           You probably want to use this.

Switch -v[xxx][bkmg] (bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes)

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