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Get host backup and running after the data store that houses ESXI dies?

Hello all,

This has not happened to me yet, but I am proactively wondering.  Say you have a couple of non critical, but still somewhat important hosts running, each having a collection of local data stores (7200 RPM SATA drives).  Some of these hosts are not RAIDed, (yes yes, I know, out of my control).  VMs are spread across these local data stores, never really exceeding two VMs pre SATA hard drive.  ESXI resides on one of these hard drives.

My question is, what would be the theoretical procedure in this non ideal scenario, to recover the host and get the VMs up and running again if all else was fine except that the one hard drive that housed ESXI had died?

Do I simply replace the hard drive and re-install ESXI on that new hard drive, give it the same network settings as before, attach to vCenter and then scan the local data stores that house the VMs and re-add them to the inventory?

Thanks for the information.
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Awesome:-)  Thanks