SYSVOL and NETLOGON directories do not exist after additiona and Promotion of 2012R2 server to daomin

After hours of exhaustive research I have somewhat successfully upgraded my existing SBS 2008 server environment to that of 2012 R2 and added my new domain controller.  I have transferred all of the FSMO roles, DNS, DHCP, and ensured that it is listed as a Global Catalog server on ADSIedit.  My problem is that during the promotion of the new AD server the SYSVOL and NETLOGON directories were not created and replication cannot be performed.  I need to get these directories created and populated with valid contect and then dcpromo my old SBS server to get it out of my network.  Everything in the network works perfect when both servers are on but users cannot login if I turn off the old server.  How can I get these directories created and populated.  Attached are the results of the dcdiag I ran.  I really don't want to have to demote the new adc and remove then read and repromote as most articles are suggesting if I can avoid it.  Any ideas or PS scripts that I can run to correct this would be very much appreciated.  thanks in advance
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digitalsoupOwnerAuthor Commented:
dcdiag is from new server
Have you checked the event logs on the 2008 server?  I am willing to bet that you will find that NTFRS reports that it is in a JRNL_WRAP state.


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As others pointed, if you did nottransition sysvol to dfs-r from ntfrs, you gave to make sure to add the file server services files for 2003 server. This will add the ntfrs service and will replicate the data..
As it_saige reference making sure there is no issue with the existing DC having replication issues.  The error contains the resolution.  You should fix this issue if exists before adding the service feature to the new.
Make sure to backup the sysvol data c:\windows\sysvol
The sysvol share is one level down, the netlogon share us within the domain\scripts folder.
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digitalsoupOwnerAuthor Commented:
I will review your suggestions and post back in a bit.  I was out of the office an djust got back in.  thanks in advance for the help
digitalsoupOwnerAuthor Commented:
saige, i cannot find any reference on the 2008 server in reference to what you outlined.  I have a system state backup that i performed before i started the migration. so i should be able to get the original back if needed.  Did i mention that this is an SBS server2008?  I have already removed Exchange and Sharepoint from it prior to the migration.  This customer converted to cloud solutions for both.
Arnold, to which machine are you referencing to add file service for 2003 to?  I am somewhat confused by that statement.

thanks folks.
When you open the Event Viewer on the SBS 2008 server, look for the File Replication Service Event Log; e.g. -Capture.JPG
One of the most common file replication service problems is the JRNL_WRAP error; e.g. -Capture.JPG-saige-
If you do find that this is the case, you can either refer to the link I posted above to resolve or refer to this prior EE PAQ - (http:/Q_28591065.html), which contains the resolution steps in a more practical format.

The option is either add the services after you correct the error on the SBS as outlined in the error. Make sure to change it back after the journal is reset.

The other option is to transition sysvol from NTFRS to DFS.

The writeup.

The error you see is outlined in the repair
digitalsoupOwnerAuthor Commented:
Saige, so far so good.  It appears as though everything is working now.  I am going to wait till morning to shut down the old ADC(SBS Server) and then run through all the tests.  I will report back tomorrow an award the points accordingly.   thanks for the help.
digitalsoupOwnerAuthor Commented:
Spot on Saige.  Thanks for the help!
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