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Hallo, I have an application for a project in the field of biogas plant. This biogas plant project need expertises from different fields of area to be cooperated (e.g. nanotechnology experts, wastewater experts, biogas experts, electrical experts, mechanical experts, etc). The problem is this is my first project and up to now, there is no investor behind the project who can provide financial to pay experts for the project. How can experts be paid in this case?
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Caveat - not an accountant.

One way is obviously out of your pocket.  Take out a small business loan, mortgage your house, personal loan, etc.

Recruit experts willing to take the plunge with you.  Offer them a percentage of the business/project.

Contract with them on a deferred payment basis.  Let them carry you for a few months with the expectation that you will pay them at a slightly higher rate than normal or at a fixed interest rate.

Is this something you are doing on your own (your idea) or have you be hired/contracted to run this?  Are you being paid to do this?

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You can try to raise funds via the Internet on one of the crowd funding sites like
CrowdRise, CrowdFund, GoGetFunding etc. and then recruit experts
or follow what mlmcc says
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