Index formula freezes

I have to match a list back to a larger list - they can be very large.
I am trying to use the following - is there a better alternative?
Should I use a vba code?

=INDEX('Re-Rate Data'!$A2:$Y15545,MATCH(0,('Re-Rate Data'!A2:A15545=F2)*('Re-Rate Data'!B2:B15545=BB2)*('Re-Rate Data'!F2:F15545=BE2)*('Re-Rate Data'!D2:D15545=BD2)*('Re-Rate Data'!E2:E15545=AM2),0),11)

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Ejgil HedegaardCommented:
Index is very fast, but the match part to find the row can be very slow.
If the row (match) is the same for several index, a helper column can speed up the process significantly.
VBA is typically not faster, but the benefit is that only values can be transferred, so calculations are only done when the code run.
Without knowing the data structure it is difficult to tell.

When you match for 0, the function will find the first row where just one of the arguments is false.
I would expect that the row should be when all are true.

Could you upload a sample workbook.
Euro5Author Commented:
@Ejgil - I uploaded a sample of the data.
There are two tabs - the formula is on Shipping and matching to Re-rate
Ejgil HedegaardCommented:
A few comments.
You should not refer to the entire columns in array formulas, only the used range.
Array formulas don't stop calculating at used range, but continue to the bottom of the specified range = 1 million rows, and that takes time.
As I see it all data in one row use the same row specification, so a helper column will absolutely be helpful.
And also a column specification, to match the headers.
Then the index function will get all data in seconds.

I am going away for a couple of days, and will look at it on Sunday, if not somebody else have solved it before that.
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Euro5Author Commented:
Ok, i will take a look at all that...
Euro5Author Commented:
@Ejgil Hedegaard - I don't know how many rows might be in the files, so I was using the Column.
Ejgil HedegaardCommented:
There was no match at all, due to Package Type not equal.
I have used text search match for Box, Letter, Pak in Shipping Detail column Z, to use all rows containing Box, Letter or Pak in Re-Rate Data column B.
Check if it is correct to do so.
But even then, most of the rows don't have a match.
The match formula (array formula) is in column BU, and starts at row 1, so the number is the row number.
If no match then 0 is used.
The formula in BU2 are
=IFERROR(MATCH(1,('Re-Rate Data'!$A$1:$A$15545=F2)*(IF(ISERROR(SEARCH(Z2,'Re-Rate Data'!$B$1:$B$15545)),0,1))*('Re-Rate Data'!$F$1:$F$15545=BE2)*('Re-Rate Data'!$D$1:$D$15545=BD2)*('Re-Rate Data'!$E$1:$E$15545=AA2),0),0)

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Index formula in BF2
=IF($BU2>0,INDEX('Re-Rate Data'!K:K,$BU2,1),"")

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It use the entire column, because the match number in column BU is the row number.
The index formula look a only one column (K), and can be copied to the other columns, without specifying the column index, it is always 1.
If no match (0 in column BU) the formula returns an empty string.

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