Regarding programs not launching in Windows 10 pro 64 bit


I recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 pro to Windows 10 pro.

Many programs are not launching after I accept the UAC dialog box as "Yes." I checked with Kaspersky and Emsisoft antivirus and found no malware.

Is there any FixIt template in support website to fix this issue. If so, can you please provide me the URL of the fixit module for fixing Windows 10 pro errors especially programs that are not launching even after I accept the UAC screen as "Yes."

Thanks and Regards,
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What programs, what group membership does the user you login with is a member.

Depending what program/s you are trying to run, UAC should rarely prompt for rights elevation.

Create a limited user, login with it and see if the issue goes away.
sriramk7Author Commented:

I have admin rights and using Microsoft Account login, but still after UAC, the programs are not launching.

Should I give admin rights to Microsoft account user id or does it come by default. I never faced this issue while using Windows 8.1 with Windows Account login.

Please guide me with the steps to resolve this issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
Where are you trying to launch the program from?

Start button All Apps ?


Startup group?
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Your account is likely the admin unless it's not a personal account ......

Create a local non ms account and see if the issue remains, alternatively using settings, lower the UAC enforcement level ....
sriramk7Author Commented:

Can you please provide the URL about steps for how to lower the UAC enforcement level in Windows 10?

Thanks and Regards,
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
there is something wrong with your computer. very few programs require UAC access. it should be exactly the same as your 8.1 experience.
The problem description cannot lead to anything. We all know that there are (very few) programs incompatible with windows 10, yes, but without naming one or two of those problematic ones, no one will be able to reproduce your error or help you.
I'd suggest doing a clean installation of Windows 10. Since it is already activated, you don't need any product key. When you get asked for the key during the installation, just skip that question. You will get asked at least 2 times.

Once Windows 10 is installed and your PC is connected to the internet, it'll check it's registered state automatically with the m$ servers and activate automatically. If you haven't already download the Windows 10 iso, do that now using the Windows 10 media creation tool. Make sure you select the correct version of Windows 10 (Home if you are using the home version, Professional if you are using the Pro version). Also select the DVD version rather than the USB version version, I've seen situations where the USB download failed the installation, while the DVD iso always worked. Also make sure you don't select the combined 32 & 64 bit download.

Once you have download the iso, burn it to a DVD, or use the following tool to create a booting USB stick from it. The beta version works fine:

Now make sure you have disabled secureboot in the BIOS, and set your BIOS' boot priority to first boot from the DVD or USB stick, then install the new OS.

Once the OS is cleanly installed, make sure you properly set up your user accounts. First creat a local Admin account with a very strong password. Then add the m$ account you already have, but change it's type from "Admin" as it is now, to "Standard". You should NEVER, EVER use an account with Admin rights as your main user account. Admin Accounts should only be used to Admin things and for emergencies. Also, Accounts that are in the cloud like the m$ Account should never have Admin rights, like what the stupid default is.

After that reinstall only the software you really need, and take care that you don't add any crapware and toolbars along the way by making sure you always select the advanced installation mode if the installer offers you that, and unchecking the crap. I also suggest you look at PortableApps, it is a tool that comes with a huge amount of useful software which you don't have to install normally, and you can put it on a USB stick if you want to and then carray your software along with you and use it on any Windows PC that allows you to use USB sticks. A lot of software with PortableApps can fully replace commercial software, like m$ Office (with LibreOffice), Photoshop (with The Gimp), Adobe Reader (with the Foxit Reader), Outlook (with Thunderbird), etc, etc, etc. It makes clean installations very easy for the future.
Have you tried right clicking on the app and choosing run as administrator?  Even when logged on as administrator programs will not run with full admin privilege necessarily.  If it works create a shortcut to the executable and under the compatibility tab check Run this program as an administrator
sriramk7Author Commented:

I booted into safe mode and ran some registry and system optimizer programs. I also reset my TCPIP. The problem is resolved now.

Thanks and Regards,

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>>   ran some registry and system optimizer programs   <<   fine if it works -  but be on guard - other problems may pop up now
if you ran these programs on automatic -  they often delete more than you want...
sriramk7Author Commented:
The solution worked fine for my laptop.

Thanks and Regards,
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