KVM Switch not working between two servers

Hi Experts,

I installed a 2-port USB KVM switch (non-branded as it was what I could get at the time) to operate between a 2012 server and a 2008 server. Out of interest, the 2012 server ran USB I/O devices, but the 2008 was using a PS2 keyboard.

After connecting the KVM switch, the 2012 server was perfectly accessible, but the 2008 server would not recognise the USB mouse plugged into the KVM switch (it seemed fine with the USB keyboard, however.

I had a quick look in the BIOS on the 2008 server, but all seemed to be in order in terms of supporting USB devices (as I expected).

Any suggestions as to where to go next with this as we have left the PS2 mouse connected to the 2008 server and the KVM switch is servicing the keyboard to both servers and the mouse to just the 2012 server.

The monitor works perfectly with both, as expected, hence why no mention of it has been made.

I will be able to test our solution/s on the October 13th due to annual leave, unless within the next 48 hours (just so that you don't consider any lack of response an indication that I don't require/ want/ appreciate your assistance.

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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Is this really a KVM issue or a USB issue on the 2008 server?  More directly, if you connect a USB mouse directly to the 2008 server, does it work correctly?
Servant-LeggieAuthor Commented:
Hi CompProbSolv,

I can confirm that when the USB mouse is connected directly into the 2008 server, it works perfectly.
I would check Device Manager on the 2008 server to see if there was some issue when it tried to install drivers for the KVM.

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Servant-LeggieAuthor Commented:
CompProbSolv, I expect that the problem surrounds the fact that the 2008 Server requires me to install driver/s, but the 2012 Server does not (because it handles it automatically). Sadly, the KVM switch I purchased didn't have a driver disk and is essentially a 'no-name' brand. I usually hate buying this cheaper stuff and only did so out of time restrictions, but expect I'll be paying for that poor decision by needing to pick up a replacement or chasing a driver disk.
Andy DuncanCommented:
Just a heads up, there is a difference in the KVM cables you can buy.  Just found out that StarMicro cables do not work with Trendnet KVM's.  Sad part was the hour I spent trouble shooting the issue, then decided to go back to the server room one last time and try a cable swap.  Not all cables are created equal, buy decent KVM's and make sure you get the right cables!
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