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Connecting two LAN's across the Internet

Ok,  I have two offices geographically separate both with fibre broadband connections.

Office 1 has an internal network of, Router internal IP is
Office 2 has an internal network of, Router internal IP is
Both routers are Draytek 2830's

I want to setup a link between the two offices so that staff can access files between the two.

What is the best way to achieve this and how do I actually do it.  I'd rather not break my routers as I tinker about trying to get it right.

Thanks in advance.
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Mal Osborne
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What you are describing there is  a VPN. (Virtual private network)

I am not familiar with this particular device, however the spec online say it supports LAN-LAN VPN, so it should be possible.
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Excellent looking article, thanks!  I'll follow it and come back.  Thanks
Excellent! solid advice.  Reduced a few hours of tinkering to 15mins of precise instructions.  Thanks!
Excellent, thanks Kulboy.  Perfect solution.
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