Enable TRIM on Host with SAS drivers and SSD storage

I would like to enable TRIM on SSD drivers.
Do I have to enable TRIM on physical host (SAS drivers) or only on VM machine (SSD storage drivers)

My server spec.
Dell R630 controller Perc 730P - Windows 2012 STD

- OS:: 3x 300GB 15K: Raid and 1 drive configured as a hotpsare
- Storage for VM (SQL 2014):: 7x 500GB SSD RAID 50 and 1x drive configured as a hotspare.

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Only way it could be possible to use TRIM is to configure disks as passthroug and use software RAID in compliant OS.
No RAID controller yet supports TRIM to disks or to host.
First, for the record some LSI adapters support pass-through TRIM, but they are very specific on the SSDs and this won't work for your dell config anyway.

Enabling TRIM from within a VM is pointless UNLESS the VM is doing direct I/O to individual drives and you have software RAID configured.   So that isn't going to work for you either.

There is no solution for you.   But in the grand scheme of things, unless you have crappy consumer SSDs, then TRIM is not necessary.

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SQ1ResourcesAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your support guys
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
The RAID Management software may expose TRIM settings in the console.

We work with Intel based RAID (LSI) and we do see TRIM settings.

That being said, we _never_ touch TRIM, UNMAP, and other such SSD focused settings unless absolutely necessary.

The only time we've had to look at either has been when the manufacturer claimed Storage Spaces compatibility (multiple SSD drives in one or more JBODs) but their drives utterly failed or required UNMAP tweaking to at least stay in the Pool (bad firmware).
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