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WCF doubts

Sample Ex:


    interface IContactService




        EmployeeContacts GetEmpContactDetails(string txtmailID);




        EmployeeContacts FetchEmplocation(string txtmailID);




I have a ServiceA in which 2 methods/functionalities are written

·         Assume I have to provide services to Company-A, Company-B. How to Provide ServiceA to
          company-A with only GetEmpContactDetails functionalities access,
          even if Company-A trying to consume FetchEmplocation its  should not allow?


·         Do I need to create separate service account for the both company?
          Based on that shall I filter out the functionalities
          (GetEmpContactDetails, FetchEmplocation)?


All I want is - I don’t want to deploy separate service to
company A and companyB. I just need to use same service for
both company and pass on different functionalities
to company A and company B
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Kalpesh Chhatrala
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You can provide Unique Identity to each company . User need to pass as parameter when calling WCF Api function. With that unique identity you can decide allow/restrict.
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Anil Golamari
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Thank you..... good knowledge sharing.