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I have 2 sites: site.com and us.site.com
site.com ( is hosted in Asia and us.site.com ( is hosted in USA

The majority of  the visitors located in USA go to us.site.com
A few visitors located in USA  and using site.com are directed  to us.site.com with code using GeoIP location.
The problem is when the site.com fails those few users get an error.

I may use 2 A records for site.com ( and to overcome this problem but in this case lots of visitors (may be the majority) located in Asia will be redirected to depending on the browser behaviour.

I can redirect the Asian visitors to with code but this solution is very inefficient.

How can I solve this problem?
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You need a service like this one: http://dyn.com/traffic-director/
Of course, for something that advanced, you DO need to pay (in the form of a subscription).


This service https://cloud.google.com/dns/what-is-cloud-dns 
is cheap but I am not sure if it has a function for problem. I have read it but I have little knowledge about the subject.
Can you have a look?
Thank you

That's just the basic DNS functions, no real geo traffic redirection/ fail over / dynamic updates logic built in.

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