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Crystal Report Error


When trying to generate a report via our database product which uses Crystal Runtime, we get the following error

Error:1021 Failed to Retrieve Error Message from Print Engine.

Is it possibly a missing DLL file  or out of data runtime? The OS is Windows 2008 64bit which is the new system we are migrating to and the runtime we have used works on our live environment which is Windows 2003 32bit so suspect maybe the runtime needs updating to accommodate the 64bit drivers/DLL's which are used by Crystal?

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Mike McCracken

What version of Crystal?

Is this from the Crystal designer or is there an application?

SInce you are migrating from a 32-bit to 64-bit environment, did you recompile the application?  Have you tried running in 32-bit compatibility mode?

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I can confirm the application has been recompiled for 64bit environment.

The crystal version is as follows Crystal Report 2008 Runtime SP3.

Hope that helps.
According this from SAP there are NO 64-bit version of CR2008.

You will need to download the version for .Net.  What version of Visual Studio are you using?

Make sure your data access driver (to your data source) or ODBC DSN matched the 'bit'ness of your application. 64 bit app should use 64-bit ODBC DSN and/or data driver.  If your data source doesn't support 64-bit drivers, compile the application for 32-bit.

Keep in mind that on a 64-bit machine the ODBC DSN administration for 32-bit ODBC connections is at:
This is a database server running SQL 2012 64 bit. The application is a bespoke application written by a third party who are not helpful at all.

In terms if what version of Visual Studio Im running, Im not aware that is installed on the server in question.
You do not need to recompile the application to 64 bits. The 32 bit version will work just fine on 64 bit machine. However If you want to switch to 64 bits, find an installer for Crystal reports runtime 64 bits and install it on the server.
Did you create 32-bit database connections?

mlmcc, I have not created any 32-bit database connections, not created any previously.
DO you have CR2008 or the version that came with VS2008?

I have CR2008 mlmcc
According to SAP/Crystal there is no 64-bit version or support.  You will need to install 32-bit database connections.

mlmcc, there is 64 bit runtime. Crystal designer is just 32 bits.
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