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I have a form that records new data and uses about 10 combobox boxes to let the user select a value.  There is the first hidden column that contains the ID and then they see the text string for that value.  However, I am creating a detail form that they cannot change, but when they select a client on the main form, the details for that client show up.  However, I need to have comboboxes for each field so they see the text string, not the ID.  Is there a way to simply have these at text fields and show the string rather than having the combobx drop-down which takes up space and is not needed as they cannot change this data.
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you have to change the record source of the detail form to a query, joining the main table and lookups tables. In the query, select the text part of the lookup values and use that as the control source of the textboxes
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That did it, thanks.

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