Need Help ASAP - Internal - Internet Issues - QBooks

Please help, ASAP!  At Client NOW.

I have a client that is having real trouble with QuickBooks, running very slow at times, but not all the time... intermittent internet issues, with the spinning wheel of windows death...

We were having major issues with slowness, because one workstation, that a person worked on, was the main file for QuickBooks, so we MOVED the main file for QuickBooks to a brand new Dedicated Workstation, no one uses it.  They are sharing the file with 2 or 3 users, we have licensing for all.

We replaced the switch, which was old, put in Wireless Linksys SE3008 & put in Wireless Linksys EA3500, we are using wireless & I have many times before used QuickBooks over wireless with NO trouble... QuickBooks is telling us we need to hard wire, which is really NOT a viable option.

As for internet it goes down intermittent where the wheel just spins & they have to wait & wait for web pages to come up... not necessarily at the same time as QuickBooks issues.

QuickBooks will shut them down intermittently, disconnect them & shut down.

NOT really sure what to check for this intermittent issue internally on the network?  Is there a tool I can run that will show traffic or something that would be causing these issues??

Please help asap, I am at client now... Thanks!
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The first thing that I'd do is to run a continuous ping command from the QB client computer to the QB host computer.  If networking is working properly then you should see fairly consistent times and no dropouts.  You need to identify if this is a network issue or a QB issue.

If you are seeing network issues, then run a continuous ping command from the QB client computer to the wireless access point.  That will tell you if you have a stable connection between the two.

I'd also consider (temporarily) running a cable to replace the wireless connection to see if that resolves the issue.

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Brian PringleSystems Analyst II, SCM, ERPCommented:
I can vouch for hardwiring it.  We have a client that was running wireless and had this problem.  We installed cabling to their existing 10/100 switch and it got better, but not completely.  We then upgraded to switch to a gigabit switch and the problem went away.

If you have to stay wireless, use 802.11AC router and network cards.
If the wireless were completely stable (difficult to attain in my experience with inexpensive access points) then QB shouldn't have a problem.  It does seem to be touchy about disconnections so wireless may well be the problem.
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etronics6Author Commented:
Well I did some ping tests & found that the (server workstation) was pinging a lot slower to the router than the other 2 units... So I did a little investigation & found that McAfee was still installed on the system in the background, I thought that was weird so I uninstalled it with their uninstall tool... I did uninstall McAfee when I setup the unit originally, with just the regular uninstall through uninstall programs, etc.

When I was able to get all the McAfee out, the ping times on the server were just like the others (fast)... I also changed the workstations to static IPs, so they won't change & we will have To see if that works...

Thanks for all ur input... I will close question soon if we find that did the trick!

Hope that helps someone else a little too...
etronics6Author Commented:
OK guys so I am back... that did not solve the issue with QuickBooks... everything else seems to be working better, but QuickBooks is DOG slow, DISCONNECTS Clients...

QuickBooks is saying that it can't run over wireless, that we have to hard wire... i have done many setups wirelessly... anything else i can check... now that we have narrowed down the problem to just a QuickBooks issue...

I am going in there on Wednesday... I am going to uninstall & reinstall QuickBooks on ALL units to see if that helps anything...

Also we upgraded to QuickBooks 2015, which they did not have half the trouble on 2014... could that be the issue??  although they really can't go back, now that the file has been run in 2015... just want to know if there are KNOWN issues with 2015...

any other suggestions on what to check, I am at a loss...

If the problem is easily repeated, I'd still look at running a temporary cable between a workstation and the switch to which the server connects and shut off the wireless on the workstation.  I think you really need to pin down whether or not this is a wireless issue.  It shouldn't take long at all.  If you have a laptop to use, that could make it easier.
etronics6Author Commented:
ok thanks for that, i will try that on wednesday as well!  thank u
etronics6Author Commented:
Thanks guys!
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