SBS 2011 Exchange Send-Receive Connectors

Hi Guys

I'm having a few small issues sending mail to a certain client and this has caused me to look into things a bit further and I have a couple of queries.

I have noticed that under the General Tab of both Send and Receive connectors for Windows SBS they display is this correct or should it be

I assume that this is the FQDN for our server as well?

The MX record at our host is set to Priority 0 at

Please excuse my ignorance here if I'm asking what you deem as foolish questions but I'm not really an IT person but have always managed to muddle my way through looking after our companies server.

Mnay thanks.
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Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.Commented: is just a title of the connectors.
mx records are those records which points to mail servers.
if you send/receive from all other except some specific mail addresses or domain or companies/clients, you don't have to worry about these connector's settings.

paste the error logs which you receives when sending mails.
there must be some return message which conclude the procedure
SteveWright01Author Commented:
Thank you for your answer Muhammad. We are getting a problem with one specific client who's services are provided by 1&1.
I have now had the following reply from them as I contacted them directly as well: -

“Thank you for contacting us.

We have checked the bounce back message. Please be informed  that due to the ongoing issue with email spoofing, Mail Security filtered out all external sending IP addresses and put them on our rDNS list. So if the external mail server sends us an email, its IP address is checked against the rDNS lookup, and if they don't have a valid PTR record they get a bounce back as the mail is declined.

In the past, we had been more permissive in allowing mails to be received with invalid PTR records, but this is no longer the case, and so 1&1’s email policies are now more in line with other more secure networks. The positive side is that our clients should receive much less spam, as attempts from spoofed accounts will be unlikely to reach the customer’s inbox.

With regard to this issue. We advise you to contact the other mail provider and ask them to make sure that they have a valid PTR record on their mx record.”
Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.Commented:
if Your exchange server is responsible to direct receive/send emails from/to the world so you have to email to your ISP for configure rDNS against your public ip

if your exchange server is responsible for send/receive emails to/from some smart/remote host so call or email them and ask them to recheck and ensure that RDNS is active.

for verification:
go to and check ptr or reverse lookup against your FQDN.

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SteveWright01Author Commented:
Hi Muhammad

Our system is basically case 1 and I have just been on the phone to our ISP and they are looking into it now for us.

I've already been on mxtoolbox and done that thanks.

Once the ISP gives me the resolution and I'll post back and let you know how we get on.

Many thanks for your time and responses.
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