acropdf.dll breaking Microsoft Access application?


We've got an application built in Microsoft Access 2010 here. One function of the application results in the creation of PDFs that get e-mailed to certain people.

Since the most recent Acrobat Reader update (Acrobat Reader DC) we can't start the application anymore. It crashes with an acropdf.dll error ...

Any recommendation as to how to solve this? I looked on the internet but haven't been successful so far.

Thank you
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XeronimoAuthor Commented:
Update: I've uninstalled Reader DC and installed Reader XI again -> everything works fine again.

But it would be great if the new version of Reader could be used as well. Any ideas?
Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
>>Since the most recent Acrobat Reader update (Acrobat Reader DC) we can't start the application anymore. It crashes with an acropdf.dll error ...

1. can you post part of your scripts how you create the object to export results to PDFs?

2. go to module's References option and see if there's any Reference marked as Missing?
XeronimoAuthor Commented:

1. Does this part help you?

         DoCmd.OpenReport ReportName:=strReport, _
            View:=acViewPreview, _
         Set rpt = Reports(strReport)
         DoCmd.OutputTo ObjectType:=acOutputReport, _
            ObjectName:=strReport, _
            outputformat:=acFormatPDF, _

Open in new window

2. I would have to install Acrobat DC again to reproduce the error ... I'll do that soon.
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Your code uses the native Access methods to produce a PDF, and would have no interaction with the acropdf.dll.  If you are not referencing that acropdf.dll anywhere else in your code, then you don't even need it (at least as far as Access is concerned). If you have it referenced, try removing the reference and compiling your code (in the VBA Editor, click Debug - Compile). If you can Compile with no errors AFTER removing the reference, then you almost certainly do not need it (again, at least as far as Access is concerned).

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
FWIW, ...

Also note that in Access 2007 and above, there is built in, direct,  support for creating PDF's
(Though Access 2007 requires you to download a free add-in)

So here you could perhaps skip using Adobe altogether.
To send an email with a pdf attachment, you could use code similar to the example posted here:

XeronimoAuthor Commented:
I removed the plugin in the VBA editor since it was not actually used. Problem solved! Now I can install the new Acrobat Reader DC and our Access program still works too.
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