Got "Shockwave has crashed : reload?" when viewing in multiple tabs of Chrome

I've encountered numerous times on both my Win XP's Chrome as well as Win 7 Enterprse x64's
while watching videos in :

     launch the 1st episode in one tab & leave another tab of the browser to stream down the next episode
     (to save on waiting time of downloading when I next go on to the next episode)
Often will get "Shockwave has crashed" message with a button next to it "Reload?"

if I don't have multiple tabs running at the same time, won't get this issue.

How can I overcome this?
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Shockwave flash has always had issues, is unstable and security bugs are discovered very regularly, resulting in bug fixes etc. You should consider crashes and problems with flash as being normal and be prepared for them. Also make sure you always keep up-to-date with your Web browsers (chrome) and the flash player plugin (in Chrome I believe it is part of the browser so make sure you are always using the newest version of Chrome.

Besides that, I strongly advise against using XP to do anything that browses the web, as it is a dead OS and hasn't received any Windows updates for over an year, particularly don't use it in combination with flash with it's many security bugs. If you still work with XP, then only use it for local work.

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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Or is there a "secure" flash for Chrome that I don't need to update (or say only once/year?)
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
What are the more "stable" flash plugins or player which are more stable (ie less likely to give
crashes) ?
Only the newest versions of flash are relatively secure, until it's bugs or security holes have been found. Once found, it is no longer secure, and a new version with fixes needs to be installed. So your only option is to keep up-to-date.

Of course it is even better if you boycott sites that still require flash.
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