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Windows 8 Profile change

I am running Windows 8 on my 11 year old son's computer. When I set it up, I used my email address, name, login, etc...
Then my son started using the computer for various things, mostly email, Word and playing games like Minecraft.
A few months later, I set up a login for him, and he can log into the machine, but the email client "app" still checks my email (not his) and all of his game settings/preferences are gone when he logs in.
So, it would seem I need to somehow move across the settings from my login to his. I can fine the Minecraft settings easily enough, but I'm wondering about the Windows/email settings.
Is there some simple way to make it so when he logs into the machine using his login (email address), he will have all of his settings and not mine?
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@nachtmsk  - Thanks and I was happy to assist. Good luck with the new profile.