SSRS Query

I'd like my SSRS report to return every portfolio, regardless if any transactions are found.
My query (below) is looks at table vPortfolio for a list of [PortfolioCode].
Other tables and data should be returned if found but ultimately I need every [PortfolioCode] to display regardless.

Currently it seems my results omit PortfolioCodes where no [TradeAmounts] are found.

Thank you

 SELECT APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.PortfolioID, APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.PortfolioTransactionID, APXUser.vPortfolio.PortfolioCode,
               APXUser.vPortfolio.PortfolioTypeCode, APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TradeDate, APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TransactionCode,
               APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TranCodeLabel, APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.Comment, APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TradeAmount,
               APXUser.vContact.LastName, APXUser.vContact.FirstName, APXUser.vContactCustom.Custom01 AS CID, APXUser.vContactCustom.Custom02 AS PM,
               APXUser.vContactCustom.Custom10 AS RelClsd, APXUser.vContact.ContactCode, APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.SecTypeCode1, APXUser.vSecurity.Ticker,
               APXUser.vSecurity.Symbol, APXUser.vPortfolioBaseCustom.ManagementAgreement AS MA, APXUser.vContact.TaxID, APXUser.vContact.ContactID,
               APXUser.vPortfolioBase.CloseDate, APXUser.vContact.BirthDate, APXUser.vPortfolio.TaxStatus
               APXUser.vContactCustom ON APXUser.vContact.ContactID = APXUser.vContactCustom.ContactID INNER JOIN
               APXUser.vPortfolio ON APXUser.vContact.ContactID = APXUser.vPortfolio.OwnerContactID LEFT OUTER JOIN
               APXUser.vPortfolioBaseCustom ON APXUser.vPortfolio.PortfolioID = APXUser.vPortfolioBaseCustom.PortfolioBaseID LEFT OUTER JOIN
               APXUser.vPortfolioBase ON APXUser.vPortfolio.PortfolioID = APXUser.vPortfolioBase.PortfolioBaseID LEFT OUTER JOIN
               APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction ON APXUser.vPortfolio.PortfolioID = APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.PortfolioID LEFT OUTER JOIN
               APXUser.vSecurity ON APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.SecurityID1 = APXUser.vSecurity.SecurityID
GROUP BY APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.PortfolioID, APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.PortfolioTransactionID, APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TradeDate,
               APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TransactionCode, APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TranCodeLabel, APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.Comment,
               APXUser.vPortfolio.PortfolioCode, APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TradeAmount, APXUser.vContact.LastName, APXUser.vContact.FirstName,
               APXUser.vContactCustom.Custom01, APXUser.vContactCustom.Custom02, APXUser.vContactCustom.Custom10, APXUser.vContact.ContactCode,
               APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.SecTypeCode1, APXUser.vSecurity.Ticker, APXUser.vSecurity.Symbol, APXUser.vPortfolioBaseCustom.ManagementAgreement,
               APXUser.vPortfolio.PortfolioTypeCode, APXUser.vContact.TaxID, APXUser.vContact.ContactID, APXUser.vPortfolioBase.CloseDate, APXUser.vContact.BirthDate,
HAVING (APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TradeAmount <= @MaxTradeAmt) AND (APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TransactionCode = 'li' OR
               APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TransactionCode = 'ti') AND (APXUser.vPortfolioTransaction.TradeDate BETWEEN @StartDate AND @EndDate) AND
               (APXUser.vPortfolio.PortfolioTypeCode = N'IRA' OR
               APXUser.vPortfolio.PortfolioTypeCode = N'IRA Rollover' OR
               APXUser.vPortfolio.PortfolioTypeCode = N'Roth IRA')
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lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
Try change:
               APXUser.vPortfolio ON APXUser.vContact.ContactID = APXUser.vPortfolio.OwnerContactID

               APXUser.vPortfolio ON APXUser.vContact.ContactID = APXUser.vPortfolio.OwnerContactID

And you may need to review the HAVING clause as that can filter out records not matching it.

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ShawnGrayAuthor Commented:
Thank you; that seemed to do the trick.
Really appreciate the help.
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