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Simply Accounting error 50

I have a problem with a database that is located on a server and shared.
Every few days people complain that they can't open one of the company. It's not always the same. Some time they can open Company A and not B and some time company B but not A
When it happen no body can open that specific database until I reboot the server.
The error is 50 Sage 50 Cannot open the database because the database engine reported an error. Sage 50 Has detect a firewall which may be blocking files that are require by Sage 50. Please ensure that any necessary files has been added to your firewall list of permited programs.

I verify that Simply is allow on all machines and the fact that rebooting the server fix the problems it tells me that the problem is at the server level and not at the PC.
Any ideas what can cause it?
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Simply Accounting is never simple.
What version?
We are presently Sage 50 Quantum Accounting Version 2015 Update C.
Cripes knows there are enough versions and updates.
What server?  Or is it a workstation serving the data out?
How many licenses do you have -- and do you ever have more users than licenses?

Is a reboot the required element?
Or does stop/starting the Sage 50 data connection service -- which these days is a glorified MySQL installation do the job?

Is anybody crashing Simply or crashing their machines when this occurs?
An improper Simply shutdown can leave an orphan process on the server that can make it insist that a company is still in use when its not

How's your network infrastructure?  All databases hate flaky routers.

What kind of network are you running?  I have more than one thing that doesn't play nice with the Windows Firewall -- so I have group policies in place that turn it off for servers and workstations when they are on the domain network.

Have you turned off the firewall on the server ad the workstations and tested when this error occurs to see if it is actually a firewall issue like the message says and not some other oddball Simply glitch?

Post a lot more detail!
This does not seem to be firewall problem because it would block everything not just part of data randomly...

What database engine is used for Simple Accounting?
If the Sage database is accessed as a file on the server then this behavior could point to SMB2 and/or oplocks settings and network admin should help. If the database is Client-Server then the error points to significant problems in your data engine/database itself.

Unfortunately, here are no Sage experts available at EE and the best choice is to ask at Sage forum directly. Look at their knowledge base first:

If your problem does not correspond to any KB entry ask Sage experts directly. Sage is paid product so their support staff should be more responsive than EE forum driven by volunteers... BUT Sage Customer Support does not provide assistance for issues related to third party products or enhancements, hardware, report customizations, state or federal tax-related questions, or specific accounting questions. So please contact your Sage Business Partner or network administrator.
The Asker has said that the Simply error mentions the firewall

What database engine is used for Simple Accounting?
That depends upon version.
Simply goes back nearly 30 years, and commands 80% of the Canadian market.
The oldest versions (DOS-based) I don't know -- they may well have been a Paradox engine.
For quite some time, the .SDB format was in fact an MS Access-based file and engine
Around 2009, Simply switched to a transmogrified MySQL engine.
The install action ask the user if you will be sharing data or only accessing data.
The MySQL engine gets blown in if you say you will be sharing the data.

If your problem does not correspond to any KB entry ask Sage experts directly
We pay the ransom for both payroll updates and support.  I don't think phone support has ever successfully helped us with anything -- despite the $1000's spent annually and the years on the phone.  And if you don't pay the blood money, you don't get access to the KB  -- but since Simply doesn't have a useful search algorithm in place -- and certainly isn't accessible to search engines  -- the KB isn't all that helpful.

As for what Simply can and cannot screw up "This does not seem to be firewall problem because it would block everything not just part of data randomly... "  I learned last century when you had to turn off hardware acceleration on Compaq Presario desktop video cards to prevent Simply from blue-screening the unit not to make any reasonable assumptions about what an accounting program can screw up.

Simply can screw up literally anything
Your link to the US KB has a Pervasive error article as its first entry -- but I can confirm the Canadian version is still MySQL.

If only the accountants didn't actually like Simply...
You aren't using Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox or iCloud to keep things safe are you?
Or any other kind of Cloud backup solution?
Because that is not supported and will cause problems
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This is sage 50 2015 Canadian edition.
I have the database installed on SBS 2011
The original problem was that nobody could open any database so after investigation more I realized that the backup may have block the connection managed. I then switch acronis and I enable VSS.
Since then it never happen again than both database can't be open. Only one at the time.
Rebooting the server fix the problem. I believe that just restarting the connection manager does it to.

I disable the firewall on the workstations and on the server was already done. I will monitor for the next week to see what happen.
And, one hopes that the server hosting the companies AND all the workstations using them are running the same version and release of Simply, because that will blow stuff up real good if you aren't
I use live drive to cloud backup
This is sage 50 2015 Canadian edition.
I have the database installed on SBS 2011

Task manager is your friend.
Have a look at this article to see how to identify rogue Simply processes

That may or may not be applicable here, but knowing that the Simply company process is mysqld-nt.exe and how and when it is acceptable to kill it is a happy thing to know regardless.
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