Php sendmail and windows 10

Since upgrading to windows 10 my xampp send is not working
NOTHING has changed in my php.inI or configuration files
The sendmail was working in windows 7 pro
Using sendmail from my php pages gives no error- just no sent email
Firewall is allowing sendmail
All relevant ports allowed
Tried localhost and external smtp servers
Credentials are fine
Configuration files checked and rechecked
I can ping external smtp server I am using
I can telnet to it
Outlook emails sending ok
Internal Websites such as wordpress can send using phpmail
It is just the sendmail which does not work
It is now urgent I get this to work
I have also tried the original xampp configuration on a windows 7 pro VM on my windowd 10 machine
Same issue
Could IIS be causing issues?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
What 'sendmail' are you using?  If you are sending to specific SMTP server, can you send thru it with any other program.  IIS does not usually allow 'sharing' of ports but that is usually a problem on port 80 for the web server.
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
xampp sendmail.exe
I have just noticed a crash file being generated when I try to send from a php page using the sendmail.exe

Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
If it's timing out, then it's either not getting out or the remote server is not responding.  Apparently your sendmail.ini has the SMTP server address and port and is requesting SSL/TLS.  ??  Do you need SSL/TLS?
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doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
I have tried different servers some with ssl and some without
For example Authsmtp server with my account and different ports
Same problem

There is a blog about stunnel being needed - any views on this
The OS is incorrectly detected:
"operating system  : Windows 7 Tablet PC x64 build 7600"
Could it be that you simply need to update xampp as well?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
stunnel?  Don't know anything about it.  But you didn't need it with Windows 7.  ??
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
"operating system  : Windows 7 Tablet PC x64 build 7600"

Yes - I noticed this to
Absolutely no idea why this is displaying windows 7 tablet as it is a windows 10 laptop
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
Apparently this is not an issue - just a legacy from upgrading to windows 10
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
I just successfully sent an email from Wordpress on my xampp computer (where my php websites are and sendmail pages) using PHPMailer and the same server details as I am using in sendmail.exe / sendmail.ini

Does this indicate where the issue is ?
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
Sorry - correction

Wordpress sends using the SMTP option but NOT the PHP Mail option
Would it be hard to update xampp?
doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
Can one just install over the top of an existing xampp install?
In tyhe meantime I have manageg to get phpmailer to work - I suppose I will have to adjust my current scripts to use this

Pages attached
I didn't upgrade xampp lately, but I assume it will let you upgrade while keeping all settings.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
The last time I upgraded XAMPP, I renamed the existing directory and let the new version create the 'standard' directory.  I do not think that it will preserve the current settings but you can copy them from the old version the way I did it.

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doctorbillTechAuthor Commented:
Still looking
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