How to easily Create a form & Gather form data from end users?

Hello all,

I have 20 computer users that I would like to fill out a form for to gather information about their usernames, passwords, computername and other relevant information. Is there a form "creator" tool that I can use that can pull in the technical data such as %computername%, %username%, email address, line of business applications installed (such as Quickbooks, Autocad, Acrobat, etc.) and then just have the user populate their password in text field and submit the form to me?

The goal is for the submitted data to be added to a spreadsheet or just gathered individually. I have both Google Apps and Office 365 if that makes a difference.
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The form creator tools are application specific.  You can create user forms with Excel and Word.  You create entire applications including forms with Access but Access isn't a stand alone document like Word and Excel.  Access is a rapid application development environment and uses relational databases to hold data.  

Access can gather some of this information such as username and computername using the Environ() variables.  Excel and Word may have the same function.  All three use VBA and with VBA you can call windows API's to gather certain types of system information.  The code for this will be slightly different between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office so if you have a mixed environment, you will need to take that into consideration.

There are tools you can buy that take inventory which is what it sounds like you want.  I would buy rather than build because examining the registry and determining what is installed is quite a challenge.  So spending a few hundred dollars for an inventory tool might seem like a lot of money but it will turn out to be a bargain compared to the time/money you will spend in recreating the wheel.
Most of what you want should be in Active Directory already, and Access can be made to do WMI queries to go get it.  The Scripting Guys (search Google) will have some WMI code that can be adapted

VBScript and PowerShell can be made to query WMI and AD too.
Once you have the computernames, and if you are Domain admin, a little command line magic goes a long way.

On the local box, this goes: Move to the Start Menu
C:\> cd %programdata%\Microsoft \Windows\Start Menu\Programs
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs>dir /o/b/s  *.lnk > c:\temp\installed.csv

and you pipe out all the shortcut names to a CSV file

For each computername issue something like
net use r:  \\TheComputerName\C$
Go get the DIR as noted above, using r: as the base drive, switch back to c:\ and then issue
net use r: /delete

You could batch file it all.

but, as @PatHartman says, a good inventorying program is a thing of joy.

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