how can I when I update Adobe standard does it not carry over his signiture?

Dennis Miller
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I had a user who was having Voltage issues and it was messing with Adobe. I updated his Voltage and that works fine now but I also updated his Adobe as it was Vers. 5 and he is now using 8. something. Well the Adobe upgrade worked but he wanted to have his old signature on the new version?
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According to Adobe>The security setting export-import feature offers an alternative to pre-deployment installer tuning and post deployment configuration techniques such as GPO.
 For some enterprises, it can simplify the migration of existing security settings through version upgrades and across multiple machines.
Settings can only be exported from Acrobat, but settings can be imported by both Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Introduced with 9.0, the ability to import and export digital signature settings via an``.acrobatsecuritysettings`` file allows you to secure, migrate, backup, restore, and distribute settings.
Files can also be placed on a server, and client machines can be configured to automatically download such settings at required intervals.
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Thanks. I got a lot out of that. Great help. I love the link.
Thankyou and happy to have helped

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