Determine when process is completed

I have a batch file with syntax such this and I need to verify that all processes are complete. How can I adjust the syntax or otherwise verify success?
\\Location\Ccmsetup.exe SMSSITECODE=wtx SMSCACHESIZE=5120 SMSCONFIGSOURCE=U PATCH=\\Filepath.msp;Filepath.msp;\\Filepath.msp

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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
> ...verify that all processes are complete.
Are you saying when this is run, it does not continue on the next line until Ccmsetup.exe complete?
Or, does it continue to the next line and each .msp is running on its own process?

If the first, many .exe programs return an error code. You can check as follows:
\\Location\Ccmsetup.exe SMSSITECODE=wtx SMSCACHESIZE=5120 SMSCONFIGSOURCE=U PATCH=\\Filepath.msp;Filepath.msp;\\Filepath.msp
set result=%errorlevel%
echo %result%

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ccmsetup is a bit tricky, because the instance you start will launch a second instance under LocalSystem that will do the actual install, while the initial instance exits.
This should do the trick:
@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set CcmSetup=\\Location\Ccmsetup.exe
set CcmSetupArgs=SMSSITECODE=wtx SMSCACHESIZE=5120 SMSCONFIGSOURCE=U PATCH=\\Filepath.msp;Filepath.msp;\\Filepath.msp
set CcmSetupLog=%SystemRoot%\ccmsetup\Logs\client.msi.log
set TempFile=%Temp%\wmic.tmp
set Timeout=120
set DefaultErrorLevel=9999

REM *** The first instance of ccmsetup.exe will invoke a second instance started by local system, and exit.
REM *** The second instance will do the actual install.
for %%a in ("%CcmSetup%") do set CcmSetupProcess=%%~nxa
echo Starting '%CcmSetupProcess%' ...
wmic.exe process call create "%CcmSetup:"=\"% %CcmSetupArgs:"=\"%" >"%TempFile%"
set ProcessId=
set ReturnValue=
for /f "tokens=1,2 delims=;= " %%a in ('type "%TempFile%"') do (set %%a=%%b)
if not defined ProcessId (
	echo ERROR: Unable to start '%CcmSetup%' with arguments '%CcmSetupArgs%'.
	exit /b 1
echo ... initial process started with PID %ProcessId%.

<NUL set /p Dummy=Waiting for installation process to start .
set /a AttemptCount = 0
set InstallPid=
for /f "tokens=2" %%a in ('tasklist.exe /FI "IMAGENAME eq %CcmSetupProcess%" ^| find.exe /i "%CcmSetupProcess%"') do (
	if not "%%a"=="%ProcessId%" set InstallPid=%%a
if not defined InstallPid (
	ping.exe -n 2 localhost >NUL
	<NUL set /p Dummy=.
	set /a AttemptCount += 1
	if !AttemptCount! gtr %Timeout% (
		echo ERROR: Actual installation process did not start in the alloted time of %Timeout% seconds.
		exit /b %DefaultErrorLevel%
	goto WaitForInstallationBegin
echo ... actual installation process started with PID %InstallPid% at %Date% %Time%.

<NUL set /p Dummy=Waiting for installation process to finish .
set InstallPid=
for /f "tokens=2" %%a in ('tasklist.exe /FI "IMAGENAME eq %CcmSetupProcess%" ^| find.exe /i "%CcmSetupProcess%"') do (
	if not "%%a"=="%ProcessId%" set InstallPid=%%a
if defined InstallPid (
	ping.exe -n 2 localhost >NUL
	<NUL set /p Dummy=.
	goto WaitForInstallationEnd
echo ... actual installation process ended at %Date% %Time%.

echo Checking errorlevel in '%CcmSetupLog%' ...
set MsiErrorLevel=%DefaultErrorLevel%
for /f "tokens=8" %%a in ('type "%CcmSetupLog%" ^| find.exe /i "MainEngineThread is returning"') do set MsiErrorLevel=%%a
echo ... msiexec returned errorlevel %MsiErrorLevel%.
exit /b %MsiErrorLevel%

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Senior IT System EngineerIT ProfessionalCommented:
Does the batch script can be executed as part of the startup script ?
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