i can't frees up space on my Mac

Hello everyone,

I moved some video out of my Mac Laptop to an external USB drive then delete them from inside my "photos" but my C:drive is still full.

where is the real data stored by default in a Mac? all the video that I had stored under my Photos- Videos where do you actually reside so I can go and delete them? because deleting them form videos didn't really do much.

Thank you
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Did you remember to empty the trash? You won't regain space from deleted items until you empty the trash.

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ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Hello Strung, yes I did. but I was reading that the photo library is a holding place and not where they are stored. where is the default location in a Mac where the videos are stored ? so I can go and delete them once forever....please.

Thank you
Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
they are stored inside the Photos library and not deleted for 30 days for good unless you specifically ask it to. That is done by clicking on "Recently Deleted" in the left sidebar. If you don't have the left sidebar, I recommend it. Just go to View > Show Sidebar to turn it on. Then once in Recently Deleted you'll have an option for DELETE ALL on the right. That will clear up your space that otherwise would take 40 days to auto-remove.

And just to clarify, this is NOT part of the normal Mac Trashcan. totally separate.
If you are using iPhoto or Photos, you should delete or move items from the iPhoto or Photos app, not from the Finder.

Select the photos you want to delete in iPhoto, delete them and then empty the iPhoto trash by pulling down the iPhoto menu to Empty Trash.

In Photos, I believe deleted items go into a "Recently Deleted" album and you can permanently delete them from there.

If you are using Photos, see: http://www.imore.com/how-delete-images-and-videos-photos-os-x

After doing this, you may still have to empty the regular Mac trash.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
There are MANY places where the video files might be stored ... in the "Movies" folder in your users Home folder ..if the videos were taken on an iPhone/iPad there may be a copy inside the iPhoto or Photos library .. and if you use iMovie or another video editing tool there may be videos elsewhere.

Step 1 is establish where all the videos are located.
Use a program like Grand Perspective - http://grandperspectiv.sourceforge.net/ or JDisk Report - http://www.jgoodies.com/freeware/jdiskreport/
You can see where all the big folders and files are and it will help pinpoint the large files.

Step 2 if the files are in folders, locate the files, sent to Trash, empty trash but if they are inside an iPhoto or Photos library folder I'd recommend deleting them from within the Application itself .. then selecting the "empty iphoto trash" in the iPhoto menu or in Photos go to "Show Recently Deleted" in the File menu and delete them a second time.  
Photos and Videos in iPhoto and Photos basically need to be deleted TWICE to remove them!!!
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