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Hi All,
    As my client is looking to move 90% of the infrastructure cloud based we are looking to avoid renewing the Citrix licensing and the advanced 365 packed of office to support the Citrix infrastructure. Historically users needed Citrix to gain access to an application that has been phased out along with emails/outlook and Central Folders (business file repository). In order to completely remove the reliance now i need to find an alternate solution for local file access when users are out on the road. We maybe moving towards Team sites and SharePoint via 365 in the near future that will allow this kind of access but in the short term i need to find an alternate solution.  We have had issues historically with WiFi in hotels preventing access via VPN and so we are looking for something that will bypass this but keep security in place.  Has any one implemented a Direct Access solution and/or something that will run over HTTP/HTTPS. We do have WatchGuards at each Edge location so if a solution around this was possible i would be very interested. The file server is 2008 R2, we have a replicated server in Azure (DFS) so access via there is also an option.

Any ideas and/or thought would be much appreciated.
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Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
I'm a big fan of ShareFile, but there is a cost associated with it, although it would be less expensive than the previous licensing structure.
ncomperAuthor Commented:
Yes i have seen ShareFile before, i wouldn't like to hop to a solution like that when they are looking to push to the team sites with 365, i will however review this again with the client requirements in mind and see if this is cost effective alternative to Sharepoint, but in the mean time i need to find a solution to access these local files when users are out on the road.
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
This Citrix licenses will still work without paying the renewal.  It could still be leveraged for file access in the meantime.  There's no magic pill solution that will get around extremely poor connectivity though.
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ncomperAuthor Commented:
We are happy to continue with the Citrix BUT if we used this for File access we would need to license the Citrix server with Office Pro to be allowed to open the files as they use the application installed on the server and not the client machine.
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
I was just suggesting to use for for file access.  You could setup receiver to redirect to resources on the client.  What's the plan for licensing Office going forward?  365?  OEM?

ncomperAuthor Commented:
   I believe that was exactly what i was after, they will be licensed for office via 365 on a business plan that will not install on a remote platform. To allow this to install on a remote platform we would have to increase to a PRO level or E3 plan and so jump from £7-£14 per user...

From the URL above is this stating that when making the changes a User will open a File via Citrix using the local office application and NOT the version installed on the Citrix server, if this is correct then it will bypass the requirement to upgrading the remote user accounts.
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
Correct.  There are some steps to get it setup, both on the server and during the Receiver install.  You should be able to uninstall Office from the Citrix servers entirely.  Once the files have been migrated to a cloud solution, you could discontinue use of Citrix.

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ncomperAuthor Commented:
I'll look to implement and post back with results
ncomperAuthor Commented:
The instruction set was good but i think the existing version, XenApp 6.5, looks like it is a little old and i cant find the last item that references the changes required in Studio
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
That functionality has been around for a while.  What patch level are you running on XenApp?
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
Looks like it was added possibly with Feature Pack 2, though this reference claimed to work-around that and get it to work without FP2.  http://www.michelstevelmans.com/citrix-local-app-access-xenapp-65-feature-pack-2/

Check this:  https://www.citrix.com/content/dam/citrix/en_us/documents/downloads/xenapp/quick_start_guide_for_local_app_access.pdf
ncomperAuthor Commented:
Thanks Brian, I looked through both of those earlier today while trying to work around the problem.  The PDF points to placing shortcuts in a Virtual Desktop, We have a Share presented by XenApp that opens an explorer view (along with other apps, outlook,excel etc.)
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