Medical Question what is meant by "incidental chondroid lesion" on MRI report

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I am looking at an MRI report and see this term "incidental chondroid lesion" what does this really mean ?

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I am not a doctor, but searching for the terms on internet, inlcusing some pictures I came along next:
- first, definition of "chondroid":
- second, some X-Ray explanantions:
Of course, a medical explanations is better.
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It means there's a bit of cartilage in an unexpected place but it's not significant.  

MRI reports are written by people who are used to viewing them (radiologists) and who are pretty good at telling what is what.  A report like that is usually when they're looking at bone and there's a less dense area which has a boundary.

It's a kind of, "Oh, and I found this as well, but it's nothing to worry about", in medical jargon.

Of course what you should be doing is asking your physician rather than an IT Q&A forum.


thanks , my wife is going to a witch doctor on Wednesday  as we live in Haiti

,LOL just kidding

thanks for the info I am trying to set her mind at ease a little until she can be seen and this helps for sure !!!!!

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