Need help reading a date value inside DataContext in wpf. (scsm,.net)

I have a date field that is in the datacontext coming from scsm and am trying to access its value and don't know how.

I am attempting to access it from a .net wpf user control do some processing and update a label value on the same scsm form.

Here is a screenshot of what Im seeing when I attach with the debugger in visual studio to the scsm form.

The field Im trying to access is from a datepicker named ReceivedDate.  I am hitting a breakpoint in the code below and inspecting what is in datacontext.  Im trying to pass the date value to another method to do some calculations.  Im just trying to figure out how to access the contents of the ReceivedDate value inside the datacontext.

    private void FormControl_DataContextChanged(object sender, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
            if (this.DataContext != null && this.DataContext is IDataItem)
            {                //Do not add validation if in template mode                
                if (!FormUtilities.Instance.IsFormInTemplateMode(this)) ProcessControls();

DataContext object
Steve HougomDeveloper IIAsked:
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The *Key* here (no pun intended) is the type of object that is in the DataContext propertyCache.

The type of the item in question is a KeyValuePair, so the Value property will contain the Date.Capture.JPG

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Steve HougomDeveloper IIAuthor Commented:
Yep this code does it.

IDataItem item = this.DataContext as IDataItem;
DateTime RecDate = (DateTime)item["ReceivedDate"];

Based on this nice article here.
Steve HougomDeveloper IIAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tip.
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