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Hi Guys,

We are a new organization with 5 locations and looking to get a hosted Cloud setup and integration for all of our sites.

We are looking to put a file server, exchange server, and a DC in the Cloud. The users would all connect to a Terminal Server and open up files, emails, etc.

Now for the workstations at each site, they will have a VPN connection to the Cloud for any local printing that needs to be done and to also handle authentication to the DC. We have plenty of bandwidth. Is there anything i am missing with this design?
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I'll be interested to see how this works for you.

What makes the most sense depends quite a bit on the volume: how many users, how much file storage, how much bandwidth, ... -- and also on how you want to prepare for various disaster possibilities (network outages, your primary cloud provider messes something up, etc).


30 users..4tb of data.

Using veeam for full backup and a separate host for recovery
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With your design check to ensure you have the following aspects built in from a Cloud perspective:

- High availability: You need to ensure that should your DC or file server goes down that the same service can be provided by another instance in the Cloud or by another means
- Storage: There will probably be more than one option for your storage requirements.  Check the SLA of the durability and availability of your storage chosen to ensure it meets with your own requirements, specifically retrieval rates

Also, it might be worth taking a read of the following article "12 Considerations before migrating your on-premise services to the Cloud"



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