VB.NET: Convert Short() Array into XML in VB.NET

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Hello Folks,

I've a Short() array in VB.NET which I need to convert in XML as I need to pass XML to database.

Could you please provide snippet to convert Short() array to XML?

Best Regards,
Mohit Pandit
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Fernando SotoRetired
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Well that will depend on what the schema of the XML needs to be so that we can direct you on how to create the XML.
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If this is the only value to store, it should be easy to convert this array to a CSV string and store the string in database.
YourArray= [1,2,3]
then you could use Join method:
String.Join(",", YourArray)
and store "1,2,3" in database.
Then when read from database you do the reverse operation CSV to array.



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