Chrome.exe instances in processes of Task Manager

A user complained about his very slow computer. Couldn't find very much at first. When I looked at Task Manager processes, I noticed about 5 iterations of chrome.exe running. He claimed only a couple of tabs on chrome were open. I looked, and sure enough only a couple were running (that I could see. I closed them with end process in task manager. I opened one up again. Task manager now showed 12 iterations running. Huge amounts of memory were being consumed. What's going on?
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Did you already have a look at the number of Chrome extensions ?
You could try to disable some and see if it helps to reduce the amount of chrome processes.

Chrome has also a Task Manager which can give some more detailed info.
You can open it via "Shift-Escape".
Within the Task Manager there is also a "Stats for nerds" link which does give some memory info.
Guru JiCommented:
Basically, each tab has one process and the renderer has a process for itself. On top each plug-in will have one and so will each extension that is active.

So see which process belongs to which, you can goto Chrome and click the Menu button (also know as Customize and Control Google Chrome).

So Menu-> Tools (More Tools) -> Task Manager

This will list you each process with each extension or tab.  The recommended solution to this is use different browser like Firefox or even IE which doesn't have that many processes for each individual extension.

Hope that helps.
I think this is partly a result of Chrome trying to be its own OS. You'll have a process for each tab, plus extra processes for extensions and add-ons, plus another one that wants to live on in the background even when Chrome is closed!

Firefox has reportedly been working on decreasing it's memory footprint, so it might be a good alternative if Chrome is causing problems.
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Could you maybe give an update on this.
mzimermanAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the delay. I also noticed that there is a Chrome setting, in advanced settings, that when it is checked, starts all of the enabled Chrome iterations when the computer comes up. I unchecked that box and have asked my user to let me know if that made the situation any better. I suspect that it will. Failing that, I advised my user to disable the extensions to see if that helped. I'll watch it for a few days and report the result.
Chrome runs several instance based on how many cores the computer how many tabs opened  you can change this
Why do I see multiple chrome.exe processes in the Task Manager?
To get a grip on all your processes you should use the built in Chrome Task Manager by pressing Shift + Esc inside Chrome  ( brings up the panel)
or right clicking the Chrome title bar and choosing Task Manager.

This will give you deeper insight into each of the chrome.exe processes you see in the Windows Task Manager.

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mzimermanAuthor Commented:
That was all very helpful. Explained a lot.
Thanks glad to have helped
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