Slow network logon for users

We have a single domain and users are all at one site. But we users from time to time complain about slow logon. DNS and AD checks all return ok with dcdiag. Server performance is also fine. Users have roaming profiles but most of the folders are redirected - MY documents, Desktop, App Data, My Pictures, Downloads, etc. So their profiles are small.

I enabled the Userenv debug logging and attached are the results of this. From what I can see the computer is continuously processing the group policy items and not staling anywhere.

But I see events like below:
GPSVC(458.568) 16:05:11:343 Client_LockPolicySection: Machine critical section has been claimed.  Handle = 0x17a050
GPSVC(458.568) 16:05:11:343 Client_LockPolicySection: Leaving successfully.
GPSVC(458.568) 16:05:11:343 Client_UnLockPolicySection: Starting UnLock Call


GPSVC(4f0.52c) 16:05:15:473 UnLockPolicySection called for user <Machine>
GPSVC(4f0.52c) 16:05:15:473 Found the caller in the ReaderHavingLock List. Removing it...
GPSVC(4f0.52c) 16:05:15:473 UnLocked successfully
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Do you have a large number of user profiles on the slow machines. That can sometimes slow down log in to the server.

Also do a Disk Cleanup (Admin Tools) to remove temporary files. A build up of temp files slows down a computer as it searches through the temp files.
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
The time stamps on those are within thousands of a second so it would not seem that is the cause of long logins.  

You can test if GPO is the issue by moving one of the systems to a different OU, reboot and logon several times and see if the behavior changes.  If so, you could "un-enable" half of the GPOs and narrow the search by the 50-50 method.
Take a look at this link. It sounds like this rollup could fix your issue and potentially more. I would recommend trying it out in a test environment of course.
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IMHO, roaming profiles are the worst, along side wireless... When set up correctly and all hardware, software are identical then everything may work till something goes wrong and then its rebuild time again. Example is PST being redirected and for no reason stops working. Someone gets an PDF update and it messes up the rest. How large are the profiles?
I would take a few users and remove them from roaming and see how things work.
Hope I have helped.
curious7Author Commented:
Thanks all for the help. I found that the file server had the CPU wait time going above 20 % due to contention on the Vmware host. After I move a few VMs to another host the performance is ok.

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curious7Author Commented:
Solution has resolved the situation
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