Restrict WIFI on Ipad

Have some IPADS for classroom use. I don't see any way to prevent the IPADS from getting on the internet. None of the apps need the internet, and when a child loads an app, the app prompts them to download updates (which they can't), so then the apps refuse to work until the updates complete. I take the IPADS out and do the updates myself every few months, between those times the IPADS have no need to be on the internet. The SSID is set up by the school, so they join automatically, and I don't have the password. Is there a way to prevent a child from switching on the WIFI after I've switched it off? I've looked under restrictions and I don't see that ability.

Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIIAsked:
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Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIIAuthor Commented:
Restrictions are parental controls, which we've tried. There's no way to disable WIFI with that.
There are a lot of items you can set with this, we really like it for all our Data Recovery kiosks.

I know that the iPads that you have are not kiosks, but you can do some neat stuff with the OS..

let me know if you think it would work.

I think that there is even a free version.
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TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
If you mean you want to prevent them to use the internet so you can insert a wrong proxy in the school wifi settings then they will not be able to use the internet even they connected to that WIFI
Go to wifi setting in school network click on the (!) icon and enable proxy server and enter the ip and port 1111
You can test it

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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:

When managing any number if iPads where you want to switch on/off fundamental features like WiFi or Bluetooth you really need to look at using an MDM (Mobile Devive Management) tool.

Apple have their own one which works well

There are also lots of 3rd party solutions from Meraki, Maas360 and many, many more with different strengths and weaknesses.

Itis by far the best way to setup and configure iPads and then you can copy the settings easily to unlimited numbers of iPads, lock them down, wipe or erase them etc. etc.
Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIIAuthor Commented:
I'm used to those solutions myself. I'm a network engineer for several schools my company contracts. I use Lightspeed and Meraki MDM solutions with great results. This question was for my wife, who teaches at a school who does use Lightspeed for webfiltering. I asked her to ask them about MDM on their current lightspeed, but their IT people seem to still be in a learning curve of using Lightspeed at all. So since her school doesn't currently have an MDM in place, I was looking for ways to do it local on her IPADS (there's only 5 of them, not much to manage). We'll try the proxy solution out. These are extremely young kids, they probably won't figure out how to get around that.
Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIIAuthor Commented:
This solution got the job doe. Not the prettiest, but it works because there is so few IPADS. Hoping next year that they will say yes to funding an MDM solution for them.
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