Internet Explorer no Internet access Server 2003 R2

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I inherited a system that will be updated very soon. In the meantime I was using LogMeIn Backup to backup the server. For the life of me I can't remember how I installed it.

It has been working up until a couple days ago. Now it will not connect to the backup server. I was advised to reinstall... no problem except that the server's IE cannot connect to the Internet. I get the usual white page "Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage".

I can ping any website through a command prompt both with an IP address and a typical url ( and I get hits with no problem.

I've relaxed security as far as possible in IE (tho I may be missing something), and enhanced security is NOT installed.

Can anyone help me connect? FWIW I'm connecting to the server via remote dt, all of which works fine.

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Weird, i need more details though.

Can you try this and let me know the output?

Load CMD
the following in CMD:




Copy and take a screenshot, post here, I would like to see them.

If you can get that to work, and the web browser is still not working, can you go to from the browser, and attach the screenshot here?

After that I would also like a screenshot of this area from Internet Explorer:

if you can just show me the settings, it may help. Thanks.
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try another browser is one suggestion.
lol David is right, that works too. I assumed you tried that.

use as well, really helps with quick install stuffs.
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I d/loaded firefox onto a workstation on the lan and transferred the installer over to the server. Installed and configured but same result.

Then I went into proxy settings and set firefox to work without the proxy. That worked. I tried this on IE but still it wouldn't work.

I did however get to the site I needed to thru FF.
Go to tools>internet options>Connections>lan settings

Check whether the "automatically detect settings" is enabled or not.

If enable try disabling
If disabled try enabling it


Tried it all, guys, and nothing worked until I installed Firefox and removed its proxy setting ( I had removed it from IE too but no joy. I appreciate everyone's attempts to help!
What is the Antivirus you are using.
Go to manage add on's and try to disable the all the addons's or just the add on related to antivirus


Thant's what worked, although it didn't reveal the nature of the problem. Thanks!

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