VNC viewer screen issues

I've successfully gotten VNC to work with vncserver running on my Slackware server and using vncviewer on my Ubuntu client. Now for some usage viewing questions that are not necessarily specific to VNC, but are certainly Linux/Desktop specific.

I have been using various *nix'es since 1988, you name it, I've used it and usually administered it! However, except with a very brief flirt with fvwm 20+ years ago, which I recall kind-of liking, I have always worked at the command line. So I am the greenest of newbies with graphical desktops.

The Desktop that runs on Slackware is Konqueror, apparently with its own Konqueror browser. It that a good one? Opinions welcome. My ultimate goal is to provide users with a choice of desktops that can be made to either look like Windows or like Mac. Is that possible? "Why?" you ask? Because in light of Microsoft's increasing disregard for privacy, we are looking at moving away from being a Microsoft shop and moving to ... something else. If users can take their "familiars" with them, there will be much less resistance.

Next problem: when I do get logged into the server my "Konqueror" desktop is far larger than my screen. I have to scroll around quite a bit to find the edges. Is that normal? According to vncserver, the default geometry is 1024x768, and my Ubuntu display settings show the screen at 1024x768, so I don't know why I end up with a viewport into a much larger screen. I don't really like that. Is there a way to turn that off?

OK, lots more question, some of which I'll likely make new posts about, but this is a start.
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Khalid Mehmood AwanCommented:
In order to access the VNC Viewer shortcut menu, press F8, from here you can go full-screen to automatically adjust the screen to your client computer resolution.

You may go back to window size by again pressing F8 and clicking appropriate option.

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MarkAuthor Commented:
Khalid Mehmood Awan:
In order to access the VNC Viewer shortcut menu, press F8, from here you can go full-screen to automatically adjust the screen to your client computer resolution.
The F8 and "full screen" worked, but that was it. I saw no way to adjust resolution. Also, I have 2 monitors on the workstation and fullscreen mode created 1 screen split across the two. Not useful. Hitting F8 twice when in fullscreen mode did nothing.

This all may be because my client is tightVNC and the server is tigervnc -- perhaps I need to install tightVNC on the server?
MarkAuthor Commented:
I'm changing direction on this and NOT doing a VNC server on my Slackware host. I'll post more later.
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