Cisco: Understand default static route syntax:   IP route 0.0.0 1 220 name TEMP-DEFAULT

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I'm wanting to understand this static route command, what is on the end of this static route:

IP route 0.0.0 1 220 name TEMP-DEFAULT

Can someone give a simple explanation of this?

Thank you,
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IP route 0.0.0 1 220 name TEMP-DEFAULT - Next hop IP address
1 - AD
220 - AD???
name <next-hop-name> - The following example shows that using the name next-hop-name keyword and argument combination for each static route in the configuration helps you remember the purpose for each static route.

My router don't accept 1 and 200, only one argument is permitted, but maybe some router do accept 2 numeric arguments.
Since name is TEMP-DEFAULT I guess AD should be 220, so this route should be used when primary default route fail.

I guess that 1 or 220 is missing one of the following parameters:
  multicast  multicast route
  tag        Set tag for this route
  track      Install route depending on tracked item

Cisco IP route command


Thank you, sorry for the delayed response.

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