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Use Powershell to call web services

Hi Guys,

I have to web services that i need to call within PowerShell, my problem is that i need to call the first one to authenticate and keep the session open and then i can call or open my second service to get the xml response.

So the first one kind of looks like this

Then after I have entered the required in the first and clicked "Invoke" and while keeping the same web page/session open i can then open the second asmx/wsdl as below

Then after i type the required parameters in an click "Invoke" i get my response payload which is what i need, now the problem is that i need to do this within powershell so that i can automate the authentication and keep the session open and so that i can do my second request and get the response xml payload so that i can check the result.

Please can someone help me accomplish this with Powershell or perhaps C# ?


WCFWindows Server 2008

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