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I use Ableton Live 9.2. I have created a set of tracks (audio and midi) that I want to INSERT on a frequent basis to a project. I just want these tracks to be added to the others I have already created in my project. What is the best way to do this? I tried to create a template, but this will not insert the tracks, it will create a new project from scratch and delete the current one I am working on. Thanks!
Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAsked:
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You must have missed something or not done something right.
When your in composing mode all the time may explain  it will create a new project from scratch and delete the current one , you need to highlight the samples you want to re-use
I have used many audio tools but not Ableton Live however the process would be the same. It's a matter of saving each step so that  any sequences will be included when reused.
If it helps have a look at youtube for video guides
the first one I chose for you
How to Sample and Remix in Ableton Live
Ableton Live - Organise Your Samples - Using Drum Racks Part 1/3
Ableton Tutorial: Collect all & save with freezing tracks to send your set
How To Make a Trap Track in 10 Minutes
Have a look on the rightside
 Basic Track Arrangement & Tips In Ableton Live 9
There is tons, if you know the question you should be able to find the video here on youtube, it's great place to find anything
Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAuthor Commented:
Sorry but this didnot help
Sorry to hear, maybe I didn't understand your problem, none of the video helped?
I cant show you as I dont have Ableton Live  but I would have thought the basics are the similar to FL Studio.
 you created a set of tracks (audio and midi)  < save that  as a copy or a new name?
then you want to>  to INSERT on a frequent basis to a project.
This one explains that you need to save it as a Copy so that it doesn't over ride the previous.
Save live set as project in a folder
'Save Live Set as...' command should create a new project folder with your samples and .als file in it. 'Save Live Set' should re-save to the same .als file.
If you choose 'Save a Copy' this will create a new .als file in the current project folder.

Does this assist you note there is a segment If 'Collect All and Save' does not function as expected, please see this article.
How to 'Collect All and Save' a Live Set?
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Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAuthor Commented:
But these is generic information on the way to solve a project in Ableton Live, and is not relevant to my question.
 Both 'Save Live Set' and 'Save Live Set as...' will save a project indeed, but they won't enable you to insert the tracks without overiding the current ones. It's just like in MS Word: you can 'save' a doc or 'save as..' a doc ('doc1'), but if you open this 'doc1' file while working on another document ('doc2'), it won't insert the content, it will just close your doc2 and open your doc1.
See this, it looks the same similar procedure as I use.
Why your losing a piece I don't understand. You must not be placing them right, possibly a bug make sure you have the latest patches and updates

There is a lot involved here and I cannot see what you have on the time line. And in the order
Are you splitting the main track like a gap so you can insert the piece  or placing it below in different places? See copy and paste
Ableton Live: Copy & Paste Clips Into Arrangement View
Cutting up samples in Ableton for remixes
See this video on making a gap
Ableton Q&A - Inserting a New Track in the Middle of Arrangement View

Quote from copy paste
Edit menu commands such as cut, copy, paste and duplicate can be used on devices. Pasted devices are inserted in front of the selected device. You can paste at the end of a device chain by clicking in the space after the last device, or by using the right arrow key to move the selection there. Generally, devices can be placed, reordered and deleted without interrupting the audio stream.
Devices are turned on and off using their Activator switches. Turning a device off is like temporarily deleting it:
17. Working with Instruments and Effects
Managing the User Library in Live
Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAuthor Commented:
Ok. So sorry to be a little more straightforward but all this again is not relevant to my specific question. You are providing general information on Ableton techniques that for most of them, I already know. But my issue is very precise and specific. There is no value on browsing Youtube for videos on Ableton and copying links as a solution. These videos do NOT address my questions, and honestly I can browse Youtube myself, no need to request support from Experts Exchange.
Jeff NavarroCommented:
Hello gallandjc! You should be able to do exactly what you want, by adding your older project folder to the Browser, and pulling your tracks into your currect project from there. I made this video to demonstrate:   Let me know if you have any questions!


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