Remove exchange 2013 before upgrading to Exchange 2016

first of all, I had no hesitation in doing this, but customer wants to be absolutely certain before we go (its 10000 mbxs)

We're running EX2010 and had started a 2013 migration - but do to HW failures this were post-poned so we've just moved traffice over to EX2013 CAS servers. But we've decided to reuse HW and install 2016 instead.
But that involves the following steps
1. move CAS traffic back to EX2010
2. Uninstall EX2013 from all server
3. reinstall windows 2012 server
4. AD and forest prep for EX2016
5. install EX2016
6. move CAS traffic to EX2016

But do we need an EX2013 server running through migration????? I've done similar to step 1 - 6 with 2007/2010 and 2013 Exchange with no issues
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Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantAsked:
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Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
No you do not need a Exch 2013 server but your Exchange 2010 servers need to be at least Service Pack 3 and Roll update 11 installed before starting any migration.
Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for getting back Peter .... I know Exchange is not needed - but just needed to confirm if when AD and forest is prepped for EX2013 - and EX2013 is removed, if that would have any impact
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You can have Exchange 2016 running in following combinations:

1) 2010 + 2016
2) 2013 + 2016
3) 2010+2013+2016

Make sure 2010 and 2013 are running with support Service packs or CU's. MS also release 2016 RTM.

Note: According to combination, your cert requirement might change. With 2016 you don't need to switch your services to 2016. That's new feature in 2016, where you don't need to cutover to 2016 everything. Test it and when you are ready, then perform the cutover. Use this
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

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Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
The answer is no. Removing Exchange 2013 after the forest and domain are prepped will not hurt you. You will be prepping for Exchange 2016 anyway so it will overwrite. There will be no impact. But be sure to update the Exchange 2010 servers before running the Exchange 2016 ad preps.

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Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Looks like all agree that it would be okay. Awaiting test next week, will update then

Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantAuthor Commented:
done with this process - no major problems seen
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