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Converting CFGRID from Flash to HTML in Coldfusion

User generated imageHi,
  I have CFGird using Flash format, but IE and Chrome browsers fail to display it. Firefox used to be the only browser to display it, but even the most recent version of Firefox fails to display it.
 So I had no choice but to change it to HTML format.
 However  My new code generates an error.
 Can you help?


*** OLD CODE ***
<cfform name="frmtest" skin="HaloBlue" timeout="120">
    <cfgrid name="gridtest"
        height="400" width="700"
            sort = "yes"
            query = "GetOrderHistory"
        onChange = "getURL('OrderHistoryDetails.cfm?cfgridkey='+gridtest.selectedItem.ID)">

        <cfgridcolumn name="OrderDate" header="Order Date">
        <cfgridcolumn name="ID" header="Order No" width="60">
               <CFGRIDCOLUMN NAME="CustomerNo" DATAALIGN="LEFT"  HEADER="Cust##" width="60">
               <CFGRIDCOLUMN NAME="ShipTo1" DATAALIGN="LEFT"  HEADER="Ship To" width="150">
        <cfgridcolumn name="PONo" header="PONo">
        <cfgridcolumn name="Processor" header="Processor">

**** NEW CODE ****
<cfform action = "#CGI.SCRIPT_NAME#">
    <cfgrid name = "FirstGrid" width = "800"
            query = "GetOrderHistory" colheaderbold="Yes"
            font = "Tahoma" rowHeaders = "No"
            selectColor = "Red" selectMode = "Edit" Format = "HTML">

        <cfgridcolumn name = "ID" header="ID" Select="No" display = "Yes" width=5>
        <cfgridcolumn name = "CustomerNo" header = "Customer No" Select="No" width="75" textcolor="blue"
                      bold="Yes" href="OrderHistoryDetails.cfm" hrefkey="ID">
               <CFGRIDCOLUMN NAME="OrderDate" DATAALIGN="LEFT"  HEADER="Order Date" mask="m-d-y" width="100">
        <cfgridcolumn name="ShipTo1" header="ShipTo1" width=70>
        <cfgridcolumn name="PONo" header="PONo" width=30>
        <cfgridcolumn name="Processor" header="Processor">          
    <cfinput type="submit" name="gridEntered">
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